My work and My Self


Curious is her name. A uniquely mischievous appearance. Glass is partley frosted. This unusual Frame, The Necklace is In-beded in and part of glass. Matching Hand-Made Stands hold her in place. 12 by 14ht One panel of plexieglass $1700.  

Fine Art in Glass..The Unique_&_Unusual Standing Glass Picture is Frist Created--then--Painted on each side of 1 Panel of Plexie-Glass. Small_to_Dramatic Color Contrast in 1 side of the Glass, creates this most unusual new form of art   All Work is Original. You Can see_&_feel almonst every hair on this, curious little kitty. Glass is partiality frosted on both sides. Her Colors are Whites_&_Grays..The reds you see are the background colors. Frames are deeply IN-beded in the Glass, my designs. Matching Hand-Made Stands set these delightful pictures off.href="
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My Job: To Create beauty. I see a picture standing on a coffee table, stand, or a desk, two people siting across from each other, each sees a beautiful picture, but not the same picture, in all my work, there are small to striking color contrast on one side of the glass. My crystallization technique, adds virtrally a new concept. Plexie-Glass being the perfect medium. I have tried to create a picture so lifelike, they appear ready to speak. I wanted to create beauty with unusual, dramatic with unique, fragile with sharpness.
Plexie-Glass, gave me the opportunity to take 1 step furter, to create that new technique, using the visual effects of the glass itself. Glass can add dynamic 3D qualitys, and I use those qualitys in my crystallization techniques. Wonderful images that can be enhanced and intensified with the use of any kind of lighting.

My Interests and Hobbies: My interests are with designs, interior, fashion, keeping trim. Different forms of art I would like to try. I love anique car shows. I'am a big football fan, and I try to watch all the games, just about inpossable, so I tape them & use them to keep myself interested durning my workout sessions.  
I have to say my work is fun, but watching a fashion show is still a must, listening to the oldies but goodies, allways a pleasure, a night on the town, dinner and dancing. I love watching sunsets, seening God paint the sky.

My Geographic Location: I'am a native of California, no matter where I vist, I allways come home, last few years spent in Orange County.  

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