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The Jindal Group has always had a social conscience. For years the group has run a Medical and Educational Trust, which is administered by putting in a percentage of the group’s profits. Sangita Jindal's parents, particularly her mother Urmila Kanoria who runs the Kanoria Centre for the Arts in Ahmedabad, have always been interested in cultural issues, and she inherited this interest.
  Sangita Jindal
Sangita Jindal
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A few years ago they decided to endow a cultural association at the National Centre for Performing Arts, Bombay, and the Jindal Arts Creative Interaction Centre style="font-family:Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:14px"was created. Anupa Mehta managed JACIC ably for two years, and it was she who broached the idea of a magazine devoted to contemporary Indian art. Art was flourishing in India, but artists, collector and interested laypersons had no journal to refer to, apart from a couple of academic ones. This was because an art magazine was not a viable financial proposition – supporting one would be an act of patronage rather than profit-seeking. This was the spirit in which they approached Art India. Anupa drew up the blueprint, and they decided to take the plunge, with a commitment to bring out four issues.

They also had plans to publish a series of books on all the masters of Indian contemporary art in one format, which may yet come to fruition some day.They realised what latent demand there had been for a contemporary Art magazine from the launch of the very first issue.

Today, three years later, Art India has subscribers in all the major cities in India, apart from many small towns, and a substantial proportion of our subscribers are based abroad. It has established itself as the leading non-academic publication on modern art in the country, and has developed into a forum for discussions about a range of vital issues relating to the cultural scene.

They have begun to organise art events recently as well, and  hope to remain a non-partisan and effective voice for the cause of contemporary Indian art for many years to come.

Subscription Charges for Art India are:

1 year
(4 Issues)
Rs.360/-  US$25 UKú14
2 years
(8 Issues)
Rs.700/- US$48 UKú27
3 years
(12 Issues)
Rs.1000/- US$72 UKú50

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For additiona information on Art India, contact:
Sangita Jindal

Art India Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd.

( sangitajindal@hotmail.com )

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