After 10 years in the business world, I abandoned my career in corporate America. I concluded that clay was the only thing that held my attention, my fascination, the only activity without limits. I bought a home in rural Kentucky, refurbished a garage for a studio, built my kiln, and started creating full time. Without the distractions of a conventional career, my creativity soared to new places. My life is a dream of art created for people who love it.

Art is the food of the gods, the ambrosia of the mind!

Most of my work is made using porcelain clay, the finest and purest clay available, fired to 2350%f. The clay is thrown by hand on the potters wheel in much the same way the Korean and Japanese potters have for thousands of yearsed. The glazes are formulas that I've explored and refined over the years, including a glaze using an indigenous clay from my property. It is fired in a 30 cu. ft kiln I designed and built using ceramic fiber (the same material used on the bottom of the space shuttles).
Clay is the ultimate medium of expression for me. The physical contact required to create the visions of my imagination allows me total involvement and freedom. The evolvement of a work in progress under my touch is intoxicating, constantly generating more ideas and concepts to explore in an endless and limitless progression of beauty and form. The shapes, images, textures, and colors flow instinctively into a piece, weaving magic into the mallible and supple clay, then caressed by the flames to near meltdown in the kiln. It cools unseen for two days. The interaction of touch, thought, and materials is frozen in time, finalizing the dialogue between artist and medium, preparing for its timeless conversations with you. Listen.

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