I have loved creating art since I was very young. As a youngster I studied at the Dayton Art Institute in Dayton, OH along with other various art courses here and there thru my lifetime, however, I am more self taught then formally trained. I put much feeling into what I'm doing and my work is impressionistic and abstract. I believe art ought to be enjoyed by everyone and I love creating it. I recently moved to the Clearwater, FL area. I was awarded The Women's Art Circle Rising Star Award 2000!!

"A life without Art is like a ship without oars" -- Anon.

"My art is my therapy, my feelings, my heart... my art is me" --Alanna Sage
TJ Sleeping- 9x12 Acrylics Copyright 2000 I like using acrylics and watercolors mostly, although I love to experiment with other mediums. I truly enjoy creating images in bold colors to jump out as well as soft ones to please the eye. I believe everyone's art is as unique as they are as individuals. Please take a look at my work and sign my guestbook! Also, email me for more information about my work.

All images are Copyrighted 2000 by the original artist, Alanna Sage.

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