Nystrom Clayworks!
Unique North Western Pottery
By Anne Nystrom

Large Decorative Plater $125.00 + S&H
(background has the same glaze as the bird coasters in the next picture) Hand Painted
Bird Coasters (set of 4) $18.95 + S&H
Hand Painted. Other colors available inquire.
Round Fish Box. Hand Painted. One of a Kind.
Please inquire about price.
Large Antelope Platter. $75.00 + S&H.
Hand Painted. Great Gift.
Christmas Ornaments $6.50 each + S&H.
All hand made! Many different designs and colors.
Also available Teddy Bears, Hippos, VW Bugs, Penguins, Orcas, Dolphins and Pigs. Inquire Now!
Gekko Chowder Bowl: $60.00 + S&H
Gekko Vases: $38.00 +S&H
Please Specify which one you would prefer.