Welcome...and what do you see?

I would like to thank Saint Rita for answering my prayer to work for God as an artist. As I create more and display my dreams and visions, I am also displaying the talent He has chosen to give me.

I work in merchandising and am learning more each day
about retail, wholesale and marketing. It is interesting
and has assisted me more in the business of being an

I studied at the Center for Creative Studies College of
Art & Design in Detroit. I became so busy with exhibitions
and working for three straight years as an artist, I didn't
return to get my degree.

I think life has taught me more than all I ever learned in any
educational institution. Even though Casey Wise was my most
inspirational instructor, Chuck Wilkinson was the more spiritually
motivating. From him I learned to reach beyond my own limitations.

My good friend Shelia showed me in her sculpture, be free in your
expression. Don't stay within the lines. I never did.

"A life without Art is like a ship without oars" -- Anon.

Personal Notes
I love games, jokes and puns. These "tools" I use in
my work. I want people to laugh when they see some
funny image or, if it isn't funny, wonder what game
am I playing with their mind.

Mind games are the best, especially when you think
you see something and it really isn't what you thought
it was. Then could it be what you thought it was and
were afraid to verbalize what you see?

It is not hard to describe my work, emotions and how
I feel about something; I want the viewer to express
what they feel, what you see...

Las Vegas Art Museum
MGM Grand Casino Detroit
First UU Church
Urban Park Gallery
Think Twice Foundation
Al Banks Productions
Sankofa Art Project
First Chicago NBD
United Negro College Fund
James Tatume/Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
Lavender Moon Cafe
Savel Inc., Bloomfield Hills

I am proud to announce "Disillusioned", one of the paintings in this gallery was sold at the Las Vegas Art Museum - Fall Roundup 2000.

As you view it here in these pages was how I intended it to be displayed. In the exhibition, fate would have it hang differently.

Sometimes, things are meant to be left unspoken.

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