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Just a few of my photographs...
All rights are owned by the artist, copyright 1999, Richard Benning, no unathorized uses allowed.

A Temple in Athens
A Greek Temple in Athens. copyright 1999 by R. Benning
The bay of Fira, on the Isle of Santorini, Greece. A US ship watches the bay, as our planes fly overhead to bomb Serbia. copyright 1999 by R. Benning
An old, rusty plow in New Jersey autumn foliage.copyright 1997 by R. Benning
The fish are 5:30 am on Shepherd's Lake, Ringwood NJ. copyright 1991 by R. Benning
"John F. Kennedy, President of the Unites States Of America, became a Freeman of Galway Borough at this place on 29th June, 1963." copyright 1998 by R. Benning
Studying for Classes in Ireland, while watching Cricket...copyright 1998 by R. Benning