COLOR. . .SHAPE. . .SHADOW! . . .the art of Carol Lois Haywood

Using a dynamic, sensualist style, I seek the hidden drama in simple revelations of color, shape, and shadow.
My work focuses not only on value and color changes, but also dramatic shapes, to achieve an expressive simplicity.
My main subjects come from local life in Northern California: marine scenes (gallery 1, left), rural life (gallery 2, left) and flamboyant florals (gallery 3, image right). Visit my online galleries to see more pictures!

"All things bright and beautiful"

A little bit more about my work
My art is greatly influenced by Winslow Homer, whose marine paintings first attracted me to watercolor.

Other direction came from reading the books of watercolorists Royland Roycroft, Philip Jamison, and Don Rankin.

Contact the artist by email (1) for details on a particular painting, (2) making a studio visit, (3) subscribing to her art newsletter, or (4) requesting a painting donation to your northern California charity.

Carol Lois Haywood of Santa Rosa, California
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