Carl "CW" Weddington, born March 21,1955 in Clovis, New Mexico, Artist/Musician/Motorcycle Enthusiast, feet stink but loves Jesus,specializing in portraiture,murals,trompe l'oiel and computer graphics. Now living in San Antonio, Texas. Former bass-player for Steve Earle, and Minister
of Music for Church in the Wind, East Texas. Currently self-unemployed and ready to paint.

"Bad artists copy; Good artists steal."--Picasso

Been Drawing/Painting, Playing Music, Riding Motorbikes for 30 years and, if the Lord tarries,probably will for another 30.
I enjoy realism and use it in my portraits and murals. Trompe l'oiel is one of my favorite techniques; I love to watch them walk up and have to touch it to "see" if it's real. I use the airbrush to achieve these effects and find it is essential for photo-realism. I must ultimately give God all the glory and thank Him for the gifts He has allowed me to work with.

Since all of my work is commisioned and much of it is applied directly to the walls, it is only displayed in the homes and businesses of my clients.

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