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Eli's Gallery
Eli Rodriguez considers his works as messengers of Spirit, Peace, and Majesty found in nature all around us.

"If the ancient tree could speak, what stories of history we would hear" ....E.Rodriguez

Impressionistic Whimsical Landscapes
Since a child, Eli has always had a fondness of not only nature but trees. "Sometimes I feel trees can tell a story if you listen closely enough" Eli says. His persona and innerself shows up in his work for it is said that Eli possess the kind Spirit and Colorfulness potrayed in his paintings. "He is a soul of high energy and as vibrant in person as his paintings show" a friend shares. Eli is best known for his breath taking signature skies. As well, he workds to create various perspectives such as a view from a neighboring mountain or the ground level amongst a field of flowers. He paints so the viewer can enter the magical places nature offers in his world. Using watercolor in his skies along with acrylics in his mountains and valleys, Eli creates visions of nature to warm the home or office and make present the peace of nature.

Eli's work can be found in private collection around the USA and is exibited at 'Galler 'G' Fine Art- Alexandria, VA

Artist, Eli Rodriguez Jr. can be contaced at 305-535-9079. Email me