Human Wheels 2000 Project
Automobiles in our Society-An Artist's View

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Me @ Three Score'99 Hi- I am Gretchen and my hope is that you will soon be viewing the work in progress on the Human Wheels 2000 Project here!
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"Dad, can I have the keys?"- Anon.

So what is Human Wheels 2000?
It is my intention to photograph people with their Automobiles. I believe that through this there will be insights gained into personalities and social and class distinctions. Also I feel this will be just plain fun and interesting! I can recall seeing two fair- headed blond women riding in an old Mustang convertible- the very pale yellow as their hair. This image and many like that occur daily on Americas roads, driveways and parking lots. I think we choose our vehicles based on who we want to be and who we think we are . Sometimes we drive what happens to be available- herein lies the incongruities! Big people & tiny cars, little women in very large trucks- what we drive does speak for us- but are we listening?
Ego- humility- wages and lack of- some people are just plain disassociated with their cars- often on purpose. I think that I am not the only person that wonders why you drive what you drive!
My first wheels- 1982

Consumerism has taken a bad rap lately, and yet we are the most prosperous culture on Earth. In this time or any other. Do we still want to show that wealth in what we are driving? Or do some now prefer a less conspicuous way of getting from the job to the home and around town?
Technology plays a keen role in this Event. With our society’s new found fascination with Digital Photography and the accessibility of these cameras and images, I believe the public will want to explore this old relationship of Man and the Automobile again.This Event also provides an incredible platform to demystify this new form of Photography that many are awestruck by, yet still hesitant of.
I propose to explore this relationship , once again but anew, of
Man, Woman, and the Automobile. With my unique sense of creating an image, and being open to what occurs before the lens, I will attempt to make a statement.
Or rather, to allow the public to make its statement.

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