View My Artwork I live in Colorado and I am prepairing to go to art school. This is a small gallery of some peices of my artwork that I may eventually begin selling prints of. It will be added on to gradually and in due time.

"Whoa! You're one @#$!&* up chick!" -- A viewer of my artwork.

My work is never created in a fixed medium. I use whatever I feel would be good to work with in creating my art. However, some of my most commonly used medias are grapite, acrylic/wax, watercolor, ink, photography and multimedia (computer graphics).
My art is best discribed as being dark, bizarre, surrealistic, abstract, beautiful, and exciting. Some have compaired a few of my works to that of HR Giger, MC Escher, and Salvador Dali's. I try to convey whatever emotion I am feeling at the time as I create each peice. My artwork usually has a way of showing how I was feeling when I made it. Prepair yourself for a glimpse into the my darkest nightmares and other (not nessicarily always dark) visions of my mind's eye

Sadly, I am yet to display any of my art in a gallery...

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