Baby A and Baby B expected in early June 2004


What's new:

- A lot of you have been asking whether we are registered or not. We have a lot of essential items already, but we are registered at Babies-R-Us and at . At you can look us up by last name. At probably also by last name and our registry number is 05017616.

- Please note:
Obviously in the next few years our girls will be spending a lot of time together. In order to help them develop as individuals and not depend too much on one another, we will do everything we can to encourage their personalities and temperaments to come through. One of the ways that we will doing that is by treating them as individuals and not as part of a "set of two". This includes not dressing them alike. We hope that we have your understanding on the subject. We don't want to offend anyone by not dressing the girls in matching outfits.

We are pregnant with twins!

Our family is barely 4 months old, and we are already looking forward to doubling it by this summer. Twins were rather unexpected but they are more than welcome to join us! We can't wait to meet them...

Our Story (Short Version)

We met on-line, on I posted an ad and Joel responded. That was early December 2001. We emailed back and forth a few times and our first date was on Dec. 10, 2001 in Berkeley. Our fourth date was just 5 days later, at the Holiday Party with my coworkers. On Dec. 17th, 2001 we attended our first yoga class, and it became a routine. We started seeing each other regularly. On May 5, 2002 we joined Weight Watchers together. Julia lost 40 lbs in 6 months and Joel lost 70 lbs in 9 months. For those who haven't seen our weight loss testimonial on the Bikram Yoga website, Here it is.

We moved in together on Dec. 8, 2002, almost exactly a year after we met. Joel proposed to me on my birthday, on March 13, 2003. We got married Oct. 25, 2003. Here are some wedding pictures.

On Oct. 27th we left for our honeymoon in South America. On Nov. 4th Joel bought a HPT in Buenos Aires and we found out that we are pregnant. On Dec. 4 we found out that we are having twins!

On Feb. 13, our ultrasound has confirmed that we are having twin girls!! Needless to say, we are extremely excited at the addition to our family!

We hope that you enjoy our website.

Julia & Joel Satovsky

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