WELCOME TO Kingfisher Ranch!

Hi! We are Bob and Julie Porter. Together we are Kingfisher Ranch. We're working on our homesite, www.KingfisherRanch.com, but in the meantime browse around here!

Art, Music, and Bobís Handmade Guitars

A little bit more about my work
I work in 4 different styles (but I'm always ready to add more!)--colored pencil, pen-n-ink, calligraphy, and the-type-of-things-you-doodle-while-you're-on-hold. The gallery pages show all of these.

Why the name? I love kingfishers (that Bart Simpson haircut, y'know), and someday we will have a ranch, where we can teach art, music, and drama to kids and their families. That's the dream, anyway.

For more info: JuliePorter@KingfisherRanch.com Email me