The Katabasis Studio is a temporary studio, a stage in the development of my self and my artwork. It is the bottom rung on the climb from the ashes.

"To evolve out of (the) postion of psychological immaturity
to the courage of self-responsibility and assurance requires
a death and a resurrection. That's the basic motif of the
universal hero's journey ~ leaving one condition and finding
the source of life to bring you forth into a richer or mature
condition." -- J. Campbell.

A little bit more about my work
The work I am currently doing is created mostly from steel, society's cast-offs. The goal is to transform this "waste" into meaningful form, in turn, resurrecting a sense of ceremony and ritual that tends to be absent from American life. Pieces range in size from small, table-top and wall pieces to large, interactive installations. As the work from The Katabasis Studio matures in form and content, a point of ceremonial "Rite of Passage" should occur at which time the studio will be abandoned and all work of that studio dicontinued. New work from a new studio will then begin, the "death and resurrection."

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