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From Self Portait
Angelina Jolie with Child
3/5/9 watercolor and ink on paper
Kim Wyatt

Skye and the Chestnut tree by Kim Wyatt

From Kim's Horse Art
Peach and Blue Butterfly by Kim Wyatt avalible on ebay Buy Now

A Painting in Progress

This stage is the pencil outline on canvas. I call this stage "mapping out" my painting. Once I finished mapping it out I emailed this photo to Sharyn for approval before I began painting.
The first two colors are added.
A deep red undercoat for the background. This it is covered in a pattern of random brushstrokes in three colors of red for texture.

Gold outlines around the horses.

Mica power added to the tan colors as a base for next step. As you can see, this step is a bit messy.

The coat of mica is sealed to allow more vigorous treatment of these areas in the next step. After the sealer is dry I was able to wash off the excess mica power that was smeared onto the red background. Any remaining powerder was painted over in the background colors.

A mixture of tan and metallic gold paint is applied over the mica areas and wiped away so that the tan portions take on a weathered burnished look.

After emailing the photo of the painting to Sharyn at this stage for approval she felt the background was not an earthy enough red. This was a simple fix, I added brush strokes of brick and barn red to give the background more of a earthy red tone.

Detail of writing incorporated into the brushstrokes under the black horses head. This painting has the clients and her husbands names worked into the background. They are not obvious, but layered over eachother throughout the painting.

Detail of the tan wiped away over the metallic layer.

Detail of the black horse and his mane.

Detail of tan horse, here you can see where the tan paint applied over the sealed mica power has been wiped off to allow the gold tones to peek out.

Detail of black horse. The tan mane of the black horse has the same treatment of wiping off the tan paint over the mica as the tan horse.

Here's is the finished painting as seen in natural light. The dark dot in the image is cause by my camera lens and is not in the actual painting at all.


Thanks for visiting my art site. I hope you enjoy your visit and please come back to see what's new. My services page has many links I recommend for all art lovers, including links to some of my favorite emerging and established artists.

This site includes many examples of both my personal and public artworks. My art encompasses all of my life and reflects my relation ship with my sons, the fact that I am woman, living in San Diego County, local, national and worldwide current events. I paint in watercolor, acrylic paint and I use markers and metallic ink pens extensively. I prefer my art to be straight forward and easily understood, but I also work to include subtle signs and symbols in my work so that there is always more to find.


Earth Wind & Sea of Coronado Home & Garden Gallery
April 1-30th 2005 Featured Artist
1303 Orange Ave Coronado Ca 92118

California Riding Magazine September 2006 Featured Artist article
The Publication San Diego's Art Magazine

Idol Worship
A group art show 3/7-31/2009
Art of Framing
3338 Adams Ave San Diego Ca
Solo Exhibition
Oct. 1 - Nov. 30 2008
Hacienda de las Rosas Wine Tasting Room
Plaza del Pasado, Juan Street Entrance in Old Town, San Diego

Obama '08: Art For Change

A group art show supporting Barack Obama for President. September 5-30 2008
The Art Of Framing
3338 Adams Ave. San Diego, Ca
The Glory of Horses
Spring 2008-2009 Traveling horse mural project combining multiple paintings by individual artists into one "Mother Image".
Horse Art Show
9/1//2007 & 11/18/2006 Horse Art Exhibit at
The Dragonfly Center
8372 University Avenue, La Mesa
Chalk "La Strada"
Street painting in the Little Italy District, Downtown San Diego.
October Saturday 19th 10am-5pm
Sunday 20th 10 to 6pm, 2002

The Del Mar Fair's 120th Annual Exhibition of Art

Online Recognition
1/2006 Featured Artist of the Month
3/2005 BEL ART AWARD 2005
3/2005 Van Gogh Award for Artistic Excellence
2001-2005 Art Space 2000 world web of excellence award.
4/28/2000- I want to thank the staff of Passion4Art for naming me ARTIST OF THE DAY today.
6/2/2000- Art Space 2000 world web of excellence award.

Public Art

12/2000- Two Banners for light poles commissioned by the
Port Of San Diego's Public Art Department.
12/2001 One Banner for light poles commissioned by the
Port Of San Diego's Public Art Department.

Downtown El Cajon's Bus Shelter Public Art Program. Several artists paintings were on display on a rotating basis in bus shelters in Downtown El Cajon, Ca.


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