K.j. Reynolds

Creating different forms of visual art for over 20 years, for K.j., Art is synonymous with freedom. She says, "Expressing through Art is both meditative and joy-filled. It's definitely a spiritual experience for me."

K.j. is a multi-media artist: Composing, recording, and producing music are some of her greatest loves. She is also a wife and mother of two.
At this time K.j.'s art is only available by request via email K.j.

Art is one of the most sacred expressions of our deepest self. It is an essential expression of spirit...in all forms. - K.j.

Who am I and What do I do?
I am a wheel...I swim with the seasons.

I love to follow the Muse wherever She leads me. I've participated in many aspects of the arts: visual, musical, and otherwise...theatre, writing, singing, composing, dancing, painting, computer graphics, pottery, and crafting using various means and methods. My cyclical energies flow from one to the next like the weather rotating with the seasonal wheel.

I love working with Water Colour pencils, creating collages, and digital art.

My choices of subject matter vary WIDELY. My collection of work ranges from impressionistic nudes to florals to alien body part sculptures. I was born eclectic and wild.
My artwork was on display at SpiritualSanctuary.com, but this website is temporarily out of service...resting quietly in cyber-limbo.

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Exhibitions, Galleries and other places that have displayed my works:

Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts

A New Leaf Bookstore

Pikes Peak Church

She Carane Hom CD

Festival of Love Concert

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