Incarnations, Acrylic 42 My name is Rita Levinsohn and I am a painter. I paint mystical figurative paintings and abstractions composed of acrylic paint and found objects.

A little bit more about my work. The painting above, "Silent Screams" reflects my concern for the future of our planet. It depicts various species that are threatened with extinction and there are references to the lost American Indian culture.

Acrylic, 40" X 40"
I also use found objects to create many of my paintings. This work reflects my concern for the future of our planet. I hope to communicate to my viewer that it is possible to create rather than destroy. The message being that both animate and inanimate objects can have many incarnations.

I am currently represented by A. Jain Marunouchi Gallery, 24 W 57th St, NYC, 212 969-9660, Http://www.jainmargallery.com. I have had many solo and group exhibits throughout New York City and have shown in California, Pa., Az.,Ks., and Or. I am also part of the upcoming traveling exhibit: The Millenium Art Collection, 2000 Foundation, Den Haag, The Netherlands. This exhibit will travel to: Essen, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Johannesburg and Syndey. Two of my found object paintings will appear in a film about the environment, "Visionaries", to be released.

Rita Levinsohn
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