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Welcome to my creative corner of the world!

Prior to college, I had worked primarily in pen and ink as well as charcoal.I was rather hesitant about working in color,unsure of how to work with it. Then , in college I had the priviledge of studying under who I consider an exceptional watercolourist,Josť Rubio. He introduced both myself and many other students to the -well, what can I say-magic of watercolour. After that , I was 'hooked',and I have been painting ever since....

A brush and a dream...I guess that is how it all starts, isn't it?

A little bit more about my work

Although I my main focus is upon watercolour,I do work in other media. These include acrylic, pen and ink, charcoal,and oil.

My work has been shown in various festivals in Upstate NY. It has also been recognized by the Cohocton Historical Society . Paintings have been displayed in the Bertha Lederman Gallery, as well. The bulk of my work however, has found it's way into private collections. ***PLEASE NOTE*** All works located within these pages are protected and may not be used without the express written authorization of the artist.

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