A small sample of my Art

Adam and Eve (Choices)
The Life in Each Other
Grand Canyon Memories
Adam and Eve (choices), pastel on paper, $500.00
I like to use mineral spirits to blend my pastel to
give them more of a painterly effect.
The Life in Each Other pastel on paper, $250.00
A visual poem I created for my wife while she was
in college and living on campus.
Grand Canyon Memories, pastel on paper, $450.00
a painted memory from one of the first trips my wife and I took together
Ethnic Differences #2
Seperations #1
Seperations #2
Ethnic Differences #2 pastel collage $850.00
This painting is part of a series that began with
the genocide in Somalia.
Seperations #1 pastel on paper, sold
When my wife got her first teaching job it was 140
miles away. This series reflects that time.
Seperations #2 pastel collage, sold