MaLi Originals by Margaret Ivory                                                      Call 972-230-9220 to order or contact me by email.    Margaret Ivory's love for papermache sculptures began in high school when she created a mockup of a  Douglass Senior High School Trojan. Her goal is to show the beauty and  grace of African American women the world over.    

MaLiOriginals by Margaret Ivory

This graceful Massai lady is in the collection of Mrs. Alberta Gooden. This sculpture is approximately 10 inches sitting.
This young Maasai damsel stands tall. Maasai's jewelry denotes status, age and wealth of the individual wearer. This sculpture is available for $1000.00.
This proud lady is a Massai mother. She looks forward to the future with the sun on her face and the wind at her back. She is available at $1000.
Tumi, the young Zulu lady, is wistfully reflecting on the brave and handsome warrior who will soon be her husband. Tumi is 10 inches sitting. This sculpture is available for $1000.00.
Here comes the Bride, the Black Seminole Indian bride, dressed in her finery. Seminole Indians assisted runaway slaves with gaining their freedom. The two groups intermarried and created a proud new people known as the Black Seminole Indians.
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