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Art by Marina Terauds.Printmaking.Painting.

I am an artist from Latvia(Europe).I studied graphic art in Latvian Academy of Arts and art pedagogy in Latvian University in Riga.After completing of my education some years I worked as a teatcher of arts/art history and as an artist-animator at the film studio "RIJA" in Riga.Now I live and work as a full-time artist in Michigan ,USA.
My passion is etching and mezzotint.I make prints,illustrations,ex libris(book plates)and miniatures in different graphic techniques.
I work as a painter in different medias also but my favourite painting technique is watercolour.

Here you can see my mezzotint/drypoint
"The World of Birds"

Please visit my galleries(through "gallery 1" - above) to see more etchings,mezzotints,watercolors and drawings.

"Art is born and takes hold wherever
there is a timeless and insatiable
longing for the spiritual." - Andrie Tarkovsky

A little bit more about my favorite graphic techniques:

Line is essential to traditional etching I draw with metal tool on the metalplate covered with hard ground - an acidresistant covering and expose the metal.Then the etched line(my drawing) is incised by acid. And printing is the last step in transferring the image from plate to paper.
Mezzotint is another method for creating drawing on the metal plate.The mezzotint ground is a kind of scratch tone caused by scratching the surface of the plate with a tool called a rocker.This tool has many sharp-pointed metal teeth set on a curved plane.The tool is rocked over the plate by hand ,scratching the surface and raising a burr.When the surface of the plate has been roughened by the teeth of the rocker,I draw on it by scraping,flattening and polishing the plate.The final print resembles a sharcoal drawing - tonal areas are soft and gray, and edges of shapes are fuzzy.

Themes of my works are FANTASY and NATURE. May be it is FANTASY about NATURE or NATURE of FANTASY.
I love FANTASY and I love NATURE in all displays - trees,flowers,animals,birds,insects ...and people.

"Psyhea" - etching/aquatint


Solo shows:

1993 Silute,Lithuania.
1994-95 Gallery "Sasel-Haus",Gamburg,Germany.
1995 Exhibition Palace,Klaipeda,Lithuania.
1995 Gallery "Lapa",Riga,Latvia.
1995 Silute,Lithuania.
1996 Library of Arts,Klaipeda,Lithuania.
1999 Gallery of Graphic Arts ,Tokyo,Japan.
1999 Gallery"Allegheny",Riga,Latvia.
2001 Gallery Art Studio One ,Mason,MI, USA.
2002 Left Bank Gallery, Flint, MI, USA.
2002 Gallery Trillium, Lansing, MI USA.

Principal group exhibitions:

1987,1989,1991,1993,1995,1997,1999 – Baltic Print Biennale in Riga,Latvia.
1991 – International Biennale of graphic Art in Varna,Bulgary.
1990,1992,1998 – International Biennale of Graphic Art in Kaliningrad,Russia.
1991 – The 2nd Contemporary Art Exhibition in St.Gheorghe ,Rumania.
1993 – International Exhibition of Small Graphic Art “KONTAKT” in Torun,Poland.
1994,1997 – International Triennale of Graphic Art in Bitola,Macedonia.
1995,1997 – International Biennale of Miniature in Ostrow Wielkopolski,Poland.
1995 – International Biennale of of Female Art in Stockholm,Sweden.
1995,1997,1999 – International Biennale of Ex Libris in Sint-Niklaas,Belgium.
1995 – International Exhibition of Small graphic Art in Taipei,Taiwan.
1995 – International Exhibition “The World of Ex Libris” in Belgrade,Yugoslavia.
1995,1997 – International Independent Exhibition of Prints in Kanagawa,Japan.
1996,2000 – International Engraving Biennale in Caixa Ourense ,Spain.
1996 – International Ex Libris Congress and Exhibition in Chrudium,Czehia.
1996 – International Exhibition of Ex libris in La Ville De Meiz,France.
1996 - International Biennale of Ex libris in Warsaw ,Poland.
1997 – International Exhibition of Ex libris in La Ville De Bayeux,France.
1997 – International Exhibition of Ex Libris in Roccalbegna,Italy.
1997 – The 1st International Mini-Print Biennale in Cluj,Romania.
1998 – International Ex libris Congress in St.Petersburg,Russia.
1998 – International Biennale of Ex Libris in Malbork,Poland.
1999 – International Festival of Graphic Art in Cluj-Napoca,Romania.
1999 – International Exhibition of Ex Libris in Gliwice,Poland.
2000 – International Exhibition of Ex Libris in di Zola Predosa,Italy.
2000 – Lilla Europa Biennale of Smallscale Painting and Printmaking, Hallsberg,Sweden.
2000 – Chopin I Jego Muzyka, VIII International Ex Libris Exhibition, Ostrow Wielkopolski,Poland.
2000 – Il Cielo in una Stanza , Zola Predosa, Italy.
2000 – International Ex libris Congress in Boston, USA.
2000 - Print Art Fair , Atlanta, GA, USA.
2001 – “The Print”, The Exhibition of Michigan Printmakers, Ann Arbor, MI,USA
2001 – “Celebrating the Figure”, Exhibition in Lansing Art Gallery, Lansing, MI, USA.
2001 – 24th Harper College National Exhibition, Palatine, IL, USA.
2001 – International ex libris Exhibition in Siauliai, Lithuania.
2001 – 39th Annual Christian Art Show, Lansing, MI, USA.
2001 – Ann Arbor(Audree Levy’s Invitational) Spring Art Fair, USA.
2001 – Odyssey 2001, Art Fair, Lansing, MI, USA.
2001 – IX International Biennale of Miniature, Ostrow Wielkopolski, Poland.
2001 – Bay Harbor Art Fair, USA.
2001 – International Ex Libris Biennale in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium.
2001 – Reflections on Paper. An Exhibition of Contemporary Printmakers. Jordan River Art Center. East Jordan , MI, USA.
2001 – V Biennale Europea Dell’incisione.”I frutti di Bacco”, Italy.
2001 – International Festival of Graphic Art in Hallsberg/Orebro, Sweden.

2001 – Holiday Art Fair, Farmington Hills, MI, USA.
2001 – Ann Arbor(Audree Levy’s Invitational) Winter Art Fair, USA.
2002 – Ann Arbor (Audree Levy’s Invitational) Spring Art Fair,USA.
2002 – V graphic Art Biennale, Dry Point, Uzice, Jugoslavia.
2002 – 15th Annual National Women’s Art Exhibition, Farmington Hills, Mi, USA.

Bibliography :

Dr.Erik Skovenborg “aeskulapstaven som laegesymbol - Historie illustreret med exlibris”.Saertryk af Dansk
Medicinhistorisk arbog 2000.

“Encyclopaedia Bio-Bibliographical of the Art of the Contemporary Ex-Libris”. Editorial Franciskana-4701 Braga Codex – Portugal-1999.

“Ex libris .Gramatzimju makslinieki Latvija”

“Ex Libris.Latviesu gramatzimes simtgade”.
DIAPRO, Riga,Latvija,1999.


Medal of The 3rd Biennale of Ex libris
in Grudziadz,Poland-1993.
The 3rd prize of International Exhibition
"Daina,Muzika,Sokis"in Vilnius,Lithuania-1994.
The 1st prize of International exhibition of Small Graphic Art in Beius ,Romania-1994.
The 1st prize of International Exhibition of
Ex libris"Ciurlionis-120"in Vilnius,Lithuania-1996.
Medal of The 3rd Biennale of Ex libris in Warsaw,

© 2000 Marina Terauds

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