----------Art is not merely the act of recording beauty; it is the act of finding beauty where it has been overlooked

Welcome to my web page. I am Naomi Wilson, I hope you like my paintings

A life without Art .... isn't.

I work primarily in oils at the present time, though I have used many mediums. I usually work on a fairly large scale, I don't like to be restricted by the edge of the canvas.

I cannot 'explain' my work, if i could verbalize the things it represents, the work would be unnecessary. I work primarily from the subconscious, if i have a particular reason for a 'theme' in a work, I ordinarily spend up to a week sketching and re-sketching the idea so that I do not have to be concerned with the mechanics of representing a particular face or form in the finished work.

Comments, suggestions, cheap shots, welcomed; or at least tolerated Email me