WELCOME to my art gallery, a world of paper art, paper sculptures, digital art and illustration

Otra Casa

My art is personal and intuitive, its full of joy and celebration.

Creativity make us gods and goddess

About my work
Paper Sculptures: Paper has being one of my favorite mediums of artistic expression since I was a kid. Influence by the ancient art of origami, I create miniature, intimate worlds and elements of deep personal meaning, that are both sublime and humurous.

Digital Imaging: The computer has turned from an instrument of science to a tool of creativity. It allows me to reconcile my computer science background with my need to create. I draw my images in a computer using a combination of real medium/drawing softwares. Then they are printed in a high resolution printer on acid free stock.

More Paper Sculptures and Art at www.carlosNmolina.com

My work has been exhibited in New York City, New Jersey, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, Paris, France and South Korea.

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