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Twenty years of art making in 5 states and 2 countries. Extensive studio experience. Participation in the art community.Membership in galleries and art organizations. Artwork in private and corporate collections. Dream Woman Figure Box

You think it horrible that lust and rage
Should dance attention upon my old age;
They were not such a plague when I was young;
What else have I to spur me into song?
-W.B. Yeats

What interests me most is neither still life not landscape, but the human figure. It is through it that I best succeed in expressing the almost religious feeling I have towards life. -H. Matisse
Muse With Swan Dream Woman Figure Box (above)
3 x 12 x 17 in. 2001
cardboard, paper, wood, paint

Muse With Swan (left)
32x 46 in. 2001
paint on paper

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