I am a student of Philosophy whose life is emerged very deeply in my love for all living things. I adore learning, and shall continue to do so until I simply cannot learn any more. I believe my life is made better by helping others. I strive to make others happy, I love seeing a slow smile creep across a persons face, and the feeling I get knowing that perhaps I made their day just a little brighter. I am amazed every day just by watching the simple changes in the world around me, our universe is in constant growth, it is amazing to watch the breath of the trees as they reach for the sky. It gives me a simple pure joy to observe the animals of our Earth as they cavort and run through the prairie grasses. It makes me so very happy to watch as my own baby (a young rescue Chihuahua named Nico) lies sleeping, quietly breathing, lost in his dreams. I love and respect the ways of the people of the Earth, we all have something to share, something to teach, and if we listen to the lessons of others we will be better for it.

Well, that's who I am. *smiles* That's what I believe.

"The dreams of childhood... so good to be believed in once, so good to be remembered when outgrown" -- Charles Dickens

Proud Supporter of FURKIDS!
I am proudly Canadian!
A true prairie girl at heart.

All works featured on the following pages are available for sale, please email me with your offer or for further details. My little one (Nico) needs a very expensive surgery. Hopefully, through the sale of some of my paintings and drawings, he'll be able to get it.

Brightest of Blessings, Tobi~Dawne