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In my painting, I strive to impart the essential principals of structure, design and harmony. I want to achieve formal co-ordination and design that appeal only to the aesthetic sensibility and is devoid of personal meaning and sentimentality. Click to go to Gallery

"The more one knows of things the less use one should make of them" -- Raoul Dufy.

The world, from which I draw the elements of reality, is not visual but imaginative. I give my subject an imaginary reality.
To R. Heath Gallery My approach is in the tradition of the old masters from Europe, Asia and Persia. I highly regard Juan Gris and follow closely in the footsteps of Cezanne. I am greatly influenced by the painings of the Chinese Tong and Song periods, by the harmony of colors and forms and the purity of plastic design exhibited in works from these periods. I wish to blend Eastern and Western tradition to consummate my vision to create works of art that achieve poetic sensibility.

Keywords: oil painting, cubism, cubist, painting, emerging artist, contemporary artist, art for sale, juan gris, modern painting

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