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Welcome to my artworks...or at least, to my art experiments.
I began playing with drawings and colors a long time ago, going through different techniques and I have landed, in the last couple of years, on watercolors.
I hope you enjoy the visit to my site.
Soon I'll add the translation for all texts and the pictures to my gallery!

Behind each creation lies an emotion...

My works come mainly from observing: watching the nature, the landscapes and travelling give me the right inspiration to produce some drawings and paintings.

At times, the beauty in nature is overwhelming...a storm on the sea, a calm sunset, the colors of dawn, the peace of snowy peaks...all this is of an astonishing beauty.

Sometimes it's tradition that guides my hand: typical patterns of native populations, whether they be the Australian aborigens or the ancient celtic populations.

Cucciolo, Watercolors, 2000

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