Current Jazz Drawings, The Larry Redhouse Band, By Suzanne Cerny, Jazz Artist

Live Jazz Performance with Poncho Sanchez and friends
charcoal drawings
Larger pastel paintings of legendary jazz figures
"Drawing in the Dark" is drawing jazz musicians while they are performing, For me it is a visual statement. I draw Jazz Musicians in performance in the dark jazz halls and dimly lighted nightclubs. The lights are set so the audience can enjoy the show, but frequently the musicians are back lighted, or top lighted, so their faces don't feel the heat of the lights, and they aren't blinded by the lights. To sketch them takes a kind of third eye on the part of the artist, to see what isn't really visible. There is a lot of body language in jazz. The improvisation and the interaction between the musicians is what attracts me, and I feel the vibration of the music as a kind of healing therapy to my soul. It helps me to concentrate on my drawing. I dance inwardly, with the music.

There is no boundary line to Art. Charlie Parker

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This page contains pastel images done at the 20 Grand Club in Tucson, 2000. In the Galleries on this Passion4Art site there are small sketches, part of a collection of sketches made on site at the Jazz Hall Club in Santa Barbara in 1995-97. The Jazz Musicians are like jewels shining in the dimly-lighted night,where which the jazz audience listens and dreams.

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