roXart - the Artistic Creations of Rocco A. Pesce

I am an artist. I paint. My artwork is my way of expressing myself. Sometimes the results are beautiful. I try to capture the moment of that expression in a way that pleases me. I hope it pleases you as well.

"All passes. Art alone
Enduring stays to us.
The Bust outlasts the throne,-
The Coin, Tiberius."
-Austin Dobson, Ars Victrix

A little bit more about my work

I was schooled as an Illustrator but I am a Fine Artist at heart. This is but a brief sampling of my work. These are my more representational pieces. I am currently experimenting with alternative techniques.

I have had a few exhibitions that have featured my work but they are mostly local. I will not bore you with the specifics. I hope I will be showing my work to the public in larger venues soon. Email me

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