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    The painting could become a child or a parent, a brother or a sister. The artists give birth to them and they are responsible for their creatures in front of God and people.



    "A life without Art is like a ship without oars" -- Anon.

    Artist's Statement from TA-Thomas Adam

    At the core of my being, I am compelled to create art. No matter what media I am using, my goals as an artist remain the same-- I endeavor to create art that will engage, provoke and cause the viewer to reflect and wonder.
    I wish to invite my audience to question and hopefully identify with the issues I am raising be they social, spiritual or esthetic.


    A little bit more about my work:

    The surfaces of my mixed media paintings are worked with a combination of techniques applied in various layers. Pigments are thinned to a liquid consistency with different solvents and manipulated, thus achieving diverse effects. Sometimes I mix the gouache and watercolors up with glue, ink, chalk or whatever the academic art professors strictly have forbidden! :-)

    I learned very much by studying the great innovations in technique by surrealist artist Max Ernst - collage and rubbing, frottage, grattage and decalcomania -

    Scrapings, dry brush, scumbling, palette knife application, and glazes ensue. Glazes capriciously trickle in different directions. All definitively aid in giving my images a life of their own.



    The images in my recent paintings are those he has worked with for the past several years. I employ element of transcendental Inner and Outer Realities, creating images which seek to engage the viewer into a feeling of resonance, much the way religious icons seek to elicit that response in believers.

    I believe that art has a spiritual value, and that art's strength lies in its ability to serve as a point of connection between an individual and something larger than oneself.

    I create my Inner & Outer Realities

    in expressive and surrealistic oil painting, mixed media and watercolor modern art techniques. My subjects are about symbolism, erotic godly women, eternal femininity, escapism, transpersonal psychology and alcohol & drugs abuse.


Oil Paintings, Watercolors, Assemblage Paintings, Drawings, Mixed Media & Gouache by Thomas Adam

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Oil Paintings, Assemblage, Watercolors By Swiss Artist Thomas Adam

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1985 - Galerie Junkere, Berne, CH
1985 - Galerie am Kreis, Berne, CH
1989 - Galerie am Kreis, Berne, CH
1993 - Galerie l'Hôte Actuel, Fribourg, CH
1993 - Galerie Fritz Tanner, Berne, CH
1995 - Galerie Fritz Tanner, Berne, CH
1997 - Galerie Fritz Tanner, Berne, CH
1998 - Galerie Villa Bernau, Wabern, CH


    Thomas Adam
    Parkstr. 10 A
    CH-3084 Wabern
    ICQ: 20337798
    AIM: tommerl
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