Live Wire Creations, the art of Ed Paker

We live in a world were men cut down trees and name streets after them. We squeeze out the animals and then name our cars after them. We do this because, although we can't live without the conveniences of industry, we yearn for nature and what we have cast aside to become who we are.

When I take the materials and processes of industry and impart unto them the forms of nature I give this yearning shape and substance.

My work shows the forms of nature blended perfectly with the materials of industry. I hope that the message that industry and nature must co-exist come through loud and clear. If we continue to develop industry without regard for nature, the natural beaty of the world will be lost to our children and grandchildren. That kind of irresponsible behavior is unaceptable and repugnant.

Why do I use copper wire?

Copper wire is the perfect representation of what man does to his environment. The copper is pulled from the earth and it's natural form is crushed, heated, hammered, twisted and stretched until it no longer resembles anything natural. The wire is then used to carry electricity, the life's blood of industry.

Wire is cold, hard, rigid, running from point to point in straight lines to get the power there as fast as possible. Singular of purpose and free of aesthetics, a soulless servant of industry, it is a metophor for our lives.

In addition to the works on these pages I am always open to suggestions and commisions, just use the contact info below and tell me what you want.

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