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David--85'' inches tall
42'' inches wide

David is my dedication to Michelangelo. One of the greatest sculptors to ever live.

"...for the work of such men, if well understood, touches more deeply than one is aware. It must be good to die conscious of having preformed some real good, and knowing that by this work one will live, at least in the memory of some, and will leave a good example to those who come after."--Vincent Van Gogh

Hello and welcome to my passion4art web page. My name is Greg Belback, and I am a wire sculptor. I have been doing this since I was young. I started with wire pipe cleaners, and just gradually went to 16 gauge' electric fence wire. I guess I'm passionate about my art, because it seems to be the best way of representing certain feelings through art. Wire is a medium that I can understand really well, and feel the most freedome with. This peice here is David. David is a peice that I created in early 2000 between January and Febuaray. It was one of the prime show peices that I had on display at the Boilerhouse Show 2000 at St. Francis College, my first student show.

The Mother of Invention--a.k.a. "Rosemary Nichole"
the Head--28'' inches tall
54'' inches wide
the Body--124''inches tall
87'' inches wide
This is the head and held face of the Mother of Invention.

--Boilerhouse Art Show 2000, Saint Francis College PA, April 2000
--Ebensburgh PA, Art in Bloom, April 2000
--Ebensburgh PA, Art in Bloom, May 1999

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