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Willie D. "Will" Smith of Manchester, TN announces
his forthcoming 2001 limited edition calender,
"Echoes of Glory: The Civil War Artwork of Willie
D. Smith". This calender will consist of twelve
graphite drawings of Civil War leaders. Each calender
will be signed and numbered by the artist. To
reserve your copy, send $15.00 (includes S & H) to:
Willie D. Smith, 3176 Hillsboro Hwy #24, Manchester
Tennessee 37355. Be sure to write "Echoes of Glory"
on the front of the envelope. This is a limited
run of only 1,000 calenders, and orders are coming
in fast! Reserve your copy now! Thank you!

"A life without Art is like a ship without oars" -- Anon.

A little bit more about my work
I love photo-realism, and strive to be as accurate as possible.
While I am no where near where I want to be, I've
made great strides in improving the quality of my
work. Artists never stop learning, and thus, never
cease growing as artists. I love painting portraits
based upon old family photos. The color helps to
breath life into those images. The same holds true
for my Civil War art. I want the viewer to be
completely taken away by the action in the painting.
At present, I am working on a series of paintings
depicting Cavalry in all it's glory. I want the paintings
to look so real that the viewer can almost feel
the wind as the horses charge past! That is the
type of quality I strive for! I thank God for this
precious gift. The Bible says that "every perfect
gift, and every good gift comes down from above, from
the Father of Lights, in Whom is no variance nor
shadow of turning...." May the Lord be glorified
in all that I do, for I give Him all the credit for
the abilities I've been entrusted with in regard to
my artwork!

Medal of Honor Museum of Military History, Chattanooga, TN.
Coffee County Executive Plaza, Manchester, TN

3176 Hillsboro Hwy #24, Manchester, TN 37355
(931) 723-8295 Email me