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Hogwash Design Studio - J. Lacy Milan
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"Txai-Ta" means "Friend, the Other Half of Me". A papier mache' mask measuring 38" x 36", has a temple as her headress, obviously a domestic warrior goddess (Sorry, it's been Sold)
"Sueno con Serpientes" or "Dreaming with Serpents," is a multilevel mirror in many gold tones. The face in the mirror (yours) is surrounded by sensuous moving tendrils. 38" in diameter, approx 40 lbs (wood backed)
"Sangue que ja Levantar" represents the verdant energy of spring when animals and humans burst out after a long winter. 32" x 28" approx 30 lbs. Finished in natural fibers and feathers with some bronze tones
"Milton Canta" is a 34" x 36" construction embellished with feathers and hemp rope and brass strands. A tribute to the great Brasilian chanteuse, Milton Nascimento who sings the crescent moon up over the gates of the festival, wherever it may be.
"Carnaval" Circus Mirror (Sold)
"Inscrutable Lion" Portrait mask 36" in diamter, wgt approx 25 lbs