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my gallery
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my art style ; Realistic, fine art
Marianne Molgard,a Swedish woman, born in Norrköping..
Drawing and painting have always followed my life, ortraiture is my passion.
Over the years I have worked in oils, acrylics, watercolors,
and done drawings and charcoal drawings.
My ambition is to give my paintings a realistic look and a special
atmosphere. In my portraits I aim at a realistic
and true look and living portrait.

"A life without Art is like a ship without oars" -- Anon.
My Swedish gallery URL: http://konsten.just.nu

Marianne is an excellent artist from Sweden. It is almost impossible to miss the gentleness and luminescence of her) In my opinion there are some artworks with the "magic" inside -
they touch you and make you feel, what makes the real connection between
the viewer and the artwork and also makes the artwork alive. As a regular
visitor to Marianne's online gallery I can assure you that her artworks
are just like that. So prepare yourself for a very enjoyable experience ;)
Alenka Marovt, Pegasus Art Gallery

Marianne Mölgård has an extraordinary gift for capturing the human
perspective in any scene. She puts you there,
the secret watcher. -
With the magic of her brush, she gives us living windows to experience t
he wonder of the moment.
You can smell the sea and hear the wheeling gulls
...the wash of surf on sand and rock.
It begs you to dare step within its quiet gentleness.
The crunch of snow, the hush, the pending laughter...you can feel the glow of life.
Tell everyone a little bit about the kind of art you create.

My euducation;
Over a 10 years of period I got art lessons from
The famous Artist Borge Elwi Carsson.
1971 for Artist Lennart Derwinger
1973 Hermods, art school
1974 Skold art school
1992 Lunnevads folk high-school,
art education.
NTI-school, art school
Have instruct in
Watercolour, Pencil, Acrylic at
educational association
Unga Ornar,
Citizens School
Over the years I have had several Exhibitions. In Europe and International, with Good critics

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