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is modern art fading away since 1960?

in the last 40 years many museums of modern art have been build in many countries across the whole world, and never were so many books published about art.Was the effect of this enthusiasm also as much accelerating in the quality of the living modern art, comparing to the first 60 years of the 20th century?


Has contemporary art become history and has the challenge of art taken over by electronic technics?


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Or is the concept of creating new and original images becoming a neglected virtue? I don't know who invented the new-ism during the last century, but it seems obvious to me that in the last 30 years the inovatic aspect of art was the central issue of artdiscussion. Once there were times art did not need to be innovative. My question is: are we returning to such an era or are we just tired of the new?


Or has the vision of art, in spite of all interference of art managers and art educaters failed and did their sympathetic additude in the last 40 years no good to the actual spirit of art? Do artists need opposition rather than support, or is this another fairy tale of our time?


Do artists wish to change the world? Or do they recreate the real world only into one, which has a dubious relation to the real one?

Do artists create images according to a philosophy and are that a crucial part of the art object? Or is the philosophy the artist adhered to just an occasional side effect of the time he lived in? Or do artists make their own logos, so to speak: not in words but in images? Is art a sort of philosophy crystallized in images? Or is art a kind of irrationalism; according to this point of view: art is not art any more once we become accustomed to the object? If this is true, the esthetic experience of this art will be very short, what will remain are icons of a "once upon a time there was a surprise"! Art managers and other art lovers are according to this point of view looking for new irrational images, which they call art, and artists who agree on this try to create as irrational (-new or original) as possible. Or was the original aspect of art traditionally only one valuable aspect of art and has this aspect grown beyond it proportions in the last 40 years?

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